Chandeliers are famous with homeowners and while conventionally the crystal chandeliers are being used to dominate living rooms, these days individual find more interesting kinds to adorn their homes with, like using Capiz chandeliers. But what are such kinds of exotic looking fixtures for lighting such as the one available on

The Capiz is primarily a translucent shell that’s mostly found in the Philippines and in Indonesia, particularly in the province of Capiz. The shell usually comes from sea mollusk which is known as Placuna placenta, and it is quite a familiar material in a world of jewelry crafters, lighting fixture designers and furniture makers. This specific shell material is fashionable and beautiful and it is also eco-friendly, which is a huge bonus in eyes of environmentally conscious folks.

Usually, chandeliers are hanging from a ceiling and they’re made by an arm with numerous lights hanging from it. Lights are made of glass or crystal and light bulbs. Initially, chandeliers in history were made in basic shapes and form, however, these days you can find a little very high class, sophisticated and modern pieces. Back in time, you can find elaborate pieces hanging from ceilings of homes and palaces of rich people.

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