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Netverify: A Reliable and Famous Product by Jumio

Jumio is releasing a new version of its Netverify product that is specifically designed for mobile devices, both tablets, and smartphones. Netverify Mobile, as it is being called, will let application publishers authenticate the identities of their customers through their license for driving, passport or numerous another ID card. To do so, all clientele has to do is hold their identification in front of the device camera for a mobile device. Netverify uses computer-vision to “see” what a document or ID card says. The tool is meant to be directly integrated into checkout or sign-up flow process, where it can easily serve the dual purpose of confirming auto-filling forms and identity.

This new complements for the introduction of Jumio on other key product, Net swipe, a scanning system for scanning creditcard was already made readily available to mobile developers through an in-app SDK. These days Netverify would do the same, around a year after the desktop web debut that works using webcam of the computer. SDK can also be added to a mobile application in around thirty minutes to an hour, as the company official said. Pricing would be the same as it’s on the web and that is US$2 per scan.

For financial institutions, and in particularbusinesses, online marketplaces, to some extent, digital websites, the benefit of using a technology like that is it speeds up the time it takes to verify a potential client. Explains Marc Barach, Jumio CMO, the traditional conventional methods for identity verification today is outdated. “Customers asked to stop a transaction, and usually fax a document over to some department at a company they wish to do business with. That is a multi-hour proposition,” he added. We can compress it down to about a minute only.”

One of the very first companies that would able to integrate with Netverify Mobile is sharing startup Sidecar is based in San Francisco. You can also know more about it and about its benefits by visiting

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