Do you ever realize that every time when you switch on the fan or anything which uses electricity, you are not just wasting money but also destroying the part of nature? With a single flick of a switch, every watt we consume we pay the bill to utility company the responsibility of yours ends. Have you ever realized how you save electricity in order to save the Mother Nature?

Electricity is usually generated for domestic consumption in different kind of plants, such as thermal hydroelectric generation plant and to a small extent in dangerous power plants that uses nuclear fusion as its source. Major environmental damage is however caused by such conventional processes both in terms of their generation, setting up, sewage disposal and in building power distribution of grid or network.

With the depletion of fossil fuels from petroleum to coal, the planet would be devoid of such scarce resources very soon. The usage rate is far more than the rate of replenishment. Saving of electricity could be done by reducing the electricity wastage, using energy saving devices or electricity savers and energy efficient gadgets. However, that has a very limited impact.

Thus the focus has shifted to a different type of alternative energy. Real electricity saver is when we properly shift the electricity source to solar energy. However, solar panels harness power from the sun light and it’s never depleted. Sun has the capacity to produces unlight over a thousand times our world’s requirements. Yet, we use only 02% of energy requirements from that source. While there’s a time-consuming shift to alternative energy numerous tools to save electricity may be used.

Solar powered lamps, energy saving bulbs, solar heaters, solar powered cars, and solar vehicles are few ways where electricity savings can easily be achieved.Solar energy isn’t available at night, however, but you can store that energy by using batteries so that you can have an uninterrupted power supply even after sunset.