Incorrectly translated contracts may affect your overall business because when people notice the mistakes in the labels of your products and manuals, they think it might not be a good international company. This kind of situation might arise when a company relies on online translation tools.

Software translation is a non-native translation

You can bet your bottom dollar that online tool can never beat a perfect, native human translation. Just think for a while, what impression on the mind of people is left when they come across with misconstrued marketing messages.

Wrong non-native expressions

As a matter of fact, people are not expected to be impressed by the messages they can’t well understand because of errors and wrong non-native expressions. That’s why more and more business persons are now using human translations rather than using online translation tools or software.

The fallout from translation mistakes can not only be a partial failure to your business but also an embarrassment for those who are running an educational institute. On the other hand, choosing one of the best manual translations from the worldwide famous translation team such as can be a great experience and an honor for you as people will be reading a perfect native content without even realizing that it is a translated content.

Who are translation tools for?

However, translation tools can be just to get an overall meaning of the foreign language that a translator, freelancer and professional does not know and would like to know for their personal interest and use. Of course, any person can take benefit from translation tools, too, but the translation can’t be something that can be published, though good to get the overall idea in the mind.


There’s a great difference between a software translation and professional translation. Software translation is full of mistakes, errors, and wrong equivalent words and so on.